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McDowell County Swarm List

Have you seen a swarm of honeybees? Don’t panic—they aren’t aggressive. Just call a beekeeper in your area; they may be able to help!


Jason Turnbull 828-458-2568 or 828-738-3566

Trent Dyar 864-473-0717

Doug Shelton 828-460-5850


Jason Turnbull 828-458-2568 or 828-738-3566

Ed Spears 828-724-4444

Pleasant Gardens

Bill Hendley 828-460-0292


Doug Shelton, 828 460-5850

Little Switzerland

Trent Dyar 864-473-0717

Turkey Cove and Woodlawn Area

Cliff Hollifield 828 925-7320 

North Cove Area

Robert McCall 828-756-8168

Union Mills Area

Bob Davis 828-223-0297

Honey Bee Removal List


Trent Dyar, 864 473-0717


Jason Turnbull, 828 458-2568

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